Israelite Sugar

Opnamedatum: 2011-12-05

I can’t remember the last time I sat and built water. 

My hands clumsy like sand clouds. 

My knees covered full. 

I threw my head back and screamed to a father


No figure. 

I had to measure my love by the stripes on my chest. 

Stretched from his island

To this faraway alley. 

I don’t know what made me swing back. 

Except that most of the time I get followed if I don’t. 

By things that I forgot to bury-

Just in case I want to stumble across it again. 

Why should I be remembered for my bent over. 

Hollowed from the spirit out. 

Like a river that’s known no shadows. 

Why do you just lie there? 

All meaningful without purpose. 

Who am I to question your faith?

Who am I to remind you of what you left crumbled-

In the boroughs of your creation.

I can’t allow things to sink in me anymore. 

I can’t find a reason to bring anything back to you.
Except that, 

there is land

And it still surprises me, 

That it chooses to protect you. 

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