He Didn’t Know Me.

19881822_1aIf he knew who i was,

maybe he would have shaped mirrors to me.

Chased me around rivers-

stretched for me in rooms

with women.

shouted my name to them and smiled-

when they repeated after him.


a best friend would have been a reminder-

to love me as a partner.

to honor my hips as a hymnal.

to speak to me in ways that only God understands.

a best friend-

would have never been able to deny me.


if he knew me,

he would have gave God dap on Tuesdays.


for the rivers.

for the skies

for the way that I rise during war.


He would have known.

To trust every monument in the kitchen.

to wash his hands before each meal.

to eat gladly

and proudly

and to save some for harvest.

for the days when women run-

from the circle around his chest.

But, I just drawn squares in it.

And we’d rest and laugh

cause it was good.


if he knew me,

he would have held me in cycles.

asked me to come back.

time and time again.

and would have known-

that my name was meant to be remembered.

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