I looked in mirrors deep-

Found myself in cobwebbed enemies, 

I held my hand out in admiration.

Of their colors.

Of their authenticity.

I am not whole without them.

They are the pure part of this body,

They are the basement voices, 

The ones that I keep in mind-

When I find too much sky,





The basement voices,

Hold them in a fold of your heart.

Feed them rarely

But, feed them-

Just to sleep at night,

Just so that when company comes-

They don’t do cartwheels on your good carpet.

Just so you can make it.

Just to make them feel seen.

Because, even the scary things-

Fear being left alone for too long.

One comment

  1. R. Person · September 27, 2020

    That closing line though. It made me hit that “Mmmmmm…”


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