Unclentched Fists.

You know she bad.

Hanging on in spite-

of the many years she’s held hallow in her mind.

Crazy, ain’t the war?

Why your body bent backwards?

Why you let your ship cave in.

Ain’t nobody worth the manipulation.

Of yourself.

Of the thing God hold dear.

Dearly, beloved-

We are gathered here

in spite of.

This is not the time for burial.

Unless it’s too heavy.


Go on and sand it out.

Lay under low beams

and let God shine.

Ain’t no yelling to do.

We know-

God been here on you.

He been waiting on you to confess

that you weren’t the best swimmer.

That at times,

you still need to be pushed up to the table.

Oh baby-

We know.

Come here-

Take this butter.

And treat yourself well.

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