God Sings Soul. You Can Dance.

May you find God folded in that ihop apron

lil lady brown glued to that tar

heavy laden thighs

I know-

You cried wolf in the middle of a dance floor in ’86 before.

I know it took many sessions to find that rhythm.

How you say your name again?


like the car.

Just sinned in 92.

I ain’t eat the fruit.

I did what God said,

he don’t want you to know the evil.

Why you bleeding then?

I ain’t eat that fruit.

I kissed him.

Stuck it down his throat.

He told me he could eat things whole.

I laughed back hard.

“I dare you. I dare you to eat the apple whole.”

He gulped. I saw God walking on H St.

He looked me full figured.

He said

“You tasted it didn’t you?”

I should have known.

Guilty by association.

Ain’t that Mary weeping by the willow?

Why she bent like that.

Stomach half full.

Grabbing her ankles.


I know ain’t no room in there.

Mangers can be found in simple city.

Full and bright eyed babies

who don’t know no better.

Guilty by association.

I know praying mantis just want silence.

We can’t promise them that.

Closet prayers.

Attic believers.

I need something off your plate.


Sitting Indian styled in the middle of this living room.

You gotta look deep in the debris.

He going build you something new.

I promise-

It’ll be like it’s always been written.

One comment

  1. OneVoice SPEAKS · March 3, 2016

    “He told me he could eat things whole” “I laughed back hard” I can picture your laugh. lol Head thrownback and eyes twinkling. Like, really man, you can eat things whole? Lets not even talk about the double entendre (double entendre dance). I love the conciseness. How so much is said in less than 9 word lines in most cases. But still carries you through the piece fluidly. And lets not even talk about the irony of the man eating the fruit whole and you, the woman, the Eve figure, being guilty by association. That could probably speak on many things: woman in relation to man, woman in relation to fellow women, people in relation to people (not to over generalize though). But being guilty by association, though you didn’t eat the fruit. At the same time, you didn’t stop him. Following that portion of the piece you talk about Mary and I think of pregnancy, I think of birth because of the lines. “Why she bent like that?” “Stomach half full.” … “Mangers can be found in simple city” (is there an ‘a’ before simple? or is simple city like a REAL place in the poem? A specific place? Hmm..) The art of it. I think this is one of my favorites. “I need something off your plate. God-”



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