To The Little Girl Who Smiled Sheep.

Honestly, I think there is a power in understanding the femininity and the way that it moves. on purpose. unapologetically. without being prompted. It is a revolution in itself. it is a constant hymnal. The femininity is a moving appreciation of God. it is one of the most softest lullabies and the most sacrificial pledges under God. I think God pulled the woman from the rib because she is your reminder of the body. she is the land. she is where it lands. where the soil is attached. the power of femininity does’t and shouldn’t diminish the power of masculinity, it is the reflection of it. The blood of it. the solar of it. Femininity isn’t always just in relation to woman. It’s in nature. it’s in the way that you touch a friend’s back. it’s in the way that the sun notices when you need it the most. it’s the prayer that your grandmother faithfully says for you without reminder. It’s that nurturing. that softness. that humbleness. That’s the femininity. The gentleness. The woman is not God. The man is not God. They both are reflections of each other. Reflections of the same God. The man and the woman are systems of the same cycle.
I’m learning about my woman. I’m taking time in the discovery. It’s been hard. She’s felt small. She’s felt guilty. Insecure. She’s held onto things. She’s had a hard time letting go, but she’s also realized that there is a sun that shines. That a piece of it was promised for her. My woman is not my battle. She’s my armor. I had to learn that. Everything shouldn’t have access to her. Everything should’t be allowed to interact with her essence. She is. That’s without validation or instigation. She is just. She be. It’s a journey. A tough one at times, but one that’s worth the investment.

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